Medium Tubtrug 26 Litres

Medium Tubtrug 26 Litres

Product Code: 0008VN

Popular amongst those who use them for Gardening, Bedroom Storage, Toys, Schools, Catering, or for Pets and Livestock; our signature brand Tubtrugs can be used for anything!
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This medium sized Tubtrug is absolutely so useful and yet so stylish! It looks wonderful around the house with the washing, or it or can get down and dirty in the garden, garage, stable or DIY situation! The two handles can pull together to carry like a basket, the lip can be shaped to pour liquids or solids, or push the lip to the floor to make a giant dustpan! Tubtugs make a great toy tidy, and you have the peace of mind knowing that that they are soft and flexible so no injuries, and the plastic is food-grade so no problem if they get chewed!

100% Food-Grade Plastic
Safe for children
Safe for animals
Super Strong Handles
9 Great Colours

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