Naf Hoof & Sole 1 Litre

Naf Hoof & Sole 1 Litre

Product Code: 0008QU

High quality topical application, NAF Hoof and Sole is nutrient rich refined liquid with a natural floral scent designed to strengthen and support soft soles and cracked hooves. 
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With disinfectant properties, NAF Hoof and Sole can be used to wash the frog area. Enriched with Elderflower and Red Clover extract for a pleasant smell and even better results

Directions for use: Wash and dry hooves thoroughly taking care to remove all traces of soil etc. With brush provided liberally apply Hoof & Sole around the hoof, sole and frog allowing the liqiud to seep into nail holes, cracks and between the hoof and sh

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